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If you have ever wondered about the most effective way for you to save time and money while improving your swing...

This golf-swing-trainer is for you.

From: Matt Canham
Saturday, 4:17pm

Dear fellow golfer,

Unless you are a professional golfer, it is safe to assume you don't get to practise anywhere near as much as you'd like to. And we all know that becoming a really great golfer requires hours and hours of practise, so that means we have a problem. Anyone who picks up a club hopes to one day be at the point where the game becomes as enjoyable as it is for the pros, especially if you are a success in career or business. At the moment, your regular playing routine, if at all, probably consists of hitting a rushed bucket at a range once during the week, then turning up to play 15 minutes before your tee time having had only 5 minutes on the putting green and a couple of warm-up swings with your driver. Sound accurate?

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common and nine times out of ten, the result is going to be a poor shot off the tee and a subsequent long day at the office. The funny thing is that not even a player like Vijay Singh would consider doing this, even though he practises hour after hour everyday.

He has so much confidence in his swing and putting stroke from repetition and training drills, yet he wouldn't dare do this, so what chance do you have? But it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You have a choice.

Keep reading and I'll show you:

  • How to discover a way you can improve your golf swing in just minutes a day without leaving the office or home.
  • How to develop the consistency and the solid ball striking you are capable of in spite of yourself.
  • An approach to practise that is ideal for all players, from first time golfers and beginners all the way through to single figure markers.

My background in Golf.

I've been playing golf since I was 7 years old. My late Father, Peter Canham, was a 35 year, AAA rated, Australian PGA Teaching Professional. Over the years, between him directly teaching me and me observing his lessons, I learnt absolutely everything he had to offer. In terms of swing advice, he had different things to say, but when it came down to playing well consistently, he always said the same thing.

"You can't expect to play well out on the course if you don't do regular practise."

I also heard every reason under the sun from his students why they couldn't do this. "Busy at work," "no time," - you name it, I heard them all, but there is no difference between a reason and an excuse!

All you need is a place with enough room to swing a club and YOU can do that vital practise that until NOW you haven't been doing.

In December of 2003, I met Sean O'Bryan. Sean is a golf fanatic and loves playing golf, so much that he gets out on the course whenever he possibly can. He is also a qualified Architect, so one day while he was sitting in the office thinking about golf, it dawned on him to combine his two great passions and the result was the Prac-rite Indoor - Outdoor Golf Trainer.

I had just returned to Australia after a few years overseas, so when he offered a friend and I the chance to demonstrate the trainers for him, we went for it. Not only did we get to meet many interesting people, including golfers, actors and most of the Rugby players in Sydney for the World Cup, I got to see first hand how it can improve your game over time.

The golf trainers are available in Sydney International Airport Departures, where over 250,000 people from around the world have taken one home to try out. Before every swing during the demonstration, we made sure grip, stance and setup were all correct. We worked on take away, position at the top, impact position and follow through. The end result - both of our golf games improved out of sight.

Thanks for your reply Matt. The golf is fun, but stiil frustrating. Often the ball doesn’t stick to the club because Im still hitting it from the hozel. Thanks for the extra balls. Simon (Nagoya)

Hi Matt. I love beers,too. But, whenever I reach out the second can, my wife certainly complains of my action. I went to the Golf Shop at shinjuku today. But, There are such many kind of drivers that I was at a loss. I take pleasure in meeting you and getting your good golf devices next week.
Fumiaki (Tokyo)

Hi Matt
The carton of trainers arrived today.
Thanks very much
Alma (Canada)

Thanks very much for the reply..I want you to consider it sold to me and await the payment...I will call you for more details.
Chris (Chicago)

hey Matt. The Golf thing was a good little gift for my brother, so that was good. Cheers, mate!
see ya soon
A.S. (Los Angeles)

The Golf trainer kit contains:

2 soft balls,
2 recorder patches,
the turf (color varies),
and the tee.

After placing a recorder patch on one of your clubs, simply place the turf on the ground, put the ball on the tee and start swinging. The ball will stick to the recorder pad, enabling you to see your impact positon as well as the angle of the club face on impact.

The balls can be hit 5,000 times each and the recorder pads can be removed 1,000 times each. Simply wipe your club face clean before applying the recorder pad. When you are finished practicing, simply stick the recorder pad onto the backing strip and store it away for next time.

The soft golf balls come with wrap around velcro so you can see not only the impact position on the clubface, but also if the clubface is square, closed or open at impact. Fix that slice or hook once and for all.

Please watch this short video to see a full demonstration of the golf trainer being used.

With YOUR golf trainer, you'll be able to:

  • Take it everywhere with you and practise your golf swing anytime you can spare a few minutes.
  • Set it up in just a matter of seconds in any place where you have enough room to swing a golf club.
  • Finally have a convenient and cost effective solution to practising golf when you want to.
  • Practise with any golf club, including your Driver, by simply attaching a recorder pad.
  • Gain the confidence with the Driver you have always wanted, so duffed shots on the first tee in front of everyone will be a thing of the past.
  • Develop your muscle memory so you can make a consistent, smooth swing.
  • Work on your swing drills whilst having the feeling of making real contact with the ball.
  • Concentrate on your weight transferance, take away postion and other drills without the distraction of seeing where the shot ends up.
  • Practise at your convience without having to worry about traffic, queues, the weather or being disturbed by other people.
  • Use a full swing and feel the same sensation through impact as you would with a regular shot.
  • Develop the confidence in your children or other beginners at home who are not at the stage for playing or effective practising just yet.
  • Build up your confidence in the basics such as consistent ball striking in the center of the clubface, so you can enhance your golf experience by seeing results almost immediately when you do play or practice at a range.
  • Include your other family members in golf because it works with any size club, left or right handed.
  • Practise your golf swing and begin to improve without spending any money.

When you are working on a change in your swing, the results are often not good until your muscle memory has recognised the change. The golf trainer allows you to work on the changes you or your local pro deem necessary at home or in the office, where you need not worry about the result of your shots.

Not available in stores, the golf trainer can only be obtained from one of the stalls you see above in Sydney International Airport. But since Australia is reasonably long flight away, we have decided to offer golf trainer kits via the internet on a trial basis for the risk free price of $29.95. Because this is a trial, there are only a limited number of kits available.

A golf trainer is about the same price as a dozen new golf balls and depending on how may you lose each round, they might only last a month, but the golf trainer normally lasts 3 years.

Your 1 year Money Back guarantee

Order totally risk-free. Please take a full year to try out the golf trainer and put it to use. If you don't think it has helped your golf in any way, I will refund your money.

I know using the golf trainer brings results, and that if you devote just a few minutes every day, you will see for yourself. But just to make it even easier for you to make a decision, I will include in the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 - An Instructional video featuring Sean O'Bryan (Value $47)

This video covers training tips and everything you'll need to know about the Golf trainer. Sean reveals his training secrets and how to prolong the life of your Golf Trainer. I only have a small quantity of VHS tapes available, so this bonus won't last forever. The video clip above is taken from this video.

Bonus #2 - My special tips report on proper practise and course management (Value $29.95)

The most overlooked areas in golf are proper practise methods, preparation and course management. I reveal all the best secrets learnt from caddying and how YOU can use them to improve your game. All the things you NEED to do in order to really make a difference to your score, can now become a regular part of your game.

Bonus #3 - Free shipping and handling
(Value $9.95).

I will include free shipping and handling for your trainer anywhere in the United States.

All for just $29.95 and the risk is all mine. Contact me at any time within 365 days after buying, and if you don't think the trainer has helped your golf in any way, I will refund your money. No questions asked. And you can keep the bonuses.

The secrets to better golf that take years to discover are yours in just a few minutes per day by using the golf trainer and reading/implementing the information in the bonus report. Your order is processed with Paypal's Secure Server and your trainer will be shipped the next business day. You will receive a link for the bonus report in an email.

Click here now to develop consistent
ball striking, confidence in YOUR swing
and start playing better golf.

I have 1 unit remaining, comes with mat, tee, 3 patches and 1 ball. Please contact if interested.

Receive ...

  • The complete golf trainer kit.
  • The training video featuring the product's inventor, Sean O'Bryan.
  • My report on course management to help you play YOUR best golf.
  • Free shipping and handling to any US address.
  • And the 1 year money back guarantee.

Finally, if you really look closely, you may even be able to see a time, say 6 months from now, where you are hitting the ball consistently, really enjoying your golf and look back on your decision to try out the golf trainer as being the start of it all.

Best Regards,

Matt Canham


This may FINALLY be just the thing you have been looking for to develop some consistency with your swing, cut strokes off your score and practise golf when you want to.

You'll receive
  • A golf trainer kit.
  • The bonus video.
  • The bonus report.
  • Free shipping and handling to any US address.
  • And the 1 year money back guarantee.

All for $29.95. Remember, this is a trial internet offer only good for the limited number of kits I have with me here in California.

Click here now to develop consistent
ball striking, confidence in YOUR swing
and start playing better golf.

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